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​Meet the Crew​​​

Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman is a Marine Corps 

veteran who was deployed twice in the early 2000s and then honorably discharged for his loyal service to our country. Chris's training has allowed 

him to efficiently organize the

 company, its projects, and its services, even faced with an ever-growing 

demand. He is dedicated to his wife, family, all the Coleman businesses, and his town. He is always ready to help. He strives to do more for his community in any way he can.

Sarah Coleman

 Sarah is Chris's wife and most valued consultant, who manages the administrative side of the businesses. 

As they continue to grow and add new companies to their portfolio she is never afraid to take on a challenge even with their new purchase, Weaver's West store and gas station,  She has been able to balance's work. home, taking care of their two kids and their sports events while managing these successful businesses. 

 She is strong, smart, creative and 



Kim  Thompson

Chessica Sparks

Fay Sydner

Chessica is a new member of our work family 

but far from new in our family, She is our Aunt. 

We are excited to have her on our crew. 

She will bring lots of help and knowledge to share 

with everyone that needs it. when you meet her 

she will always greet you with a big smile. 

Most may recognize her from Coleman Garden

 Center where she had helped so many of you. 

We hated to lose her there but needed her 

Accounting expertise here. Although she maybe 

seating at her  desk, she is always quick to come 

out and help when help is needed.